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Open Stunt Sessions
Open Stunt allows athletes aged 17+ to work on stunting skills in a 2 hour session. Coaches will create stunt groups in the session and make sure everyone is learning and developing their stunting skills.
These sessions are aimed at athletes who have some prior cheerleading stunting experience. 

Sundays 6:45 to 8:45pm
(Generally the first two Sundays of a Month - See dates below:

5th November

12th November

3rd December

10th December

7th January

14th January

11th February

3rd March

10th March

14th April

12th May

2nd June

16th June

£12.50 a session - no other commitments 

If you are new to Twisted Cheer & Dance, you must complete the below sign up form to take part in a session at the gym.

Sessions and Classes for Over 18's
FREE - Adult Stunt and Tumble Sessions
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