Ticket Order's

The Summer Rewind

Showcase Tickets

Sunday 26th June

You can order your showcase tickets below. They are available from Wednesday 25th May to Wednesday 1st June. 


Ticket purchases are limited to 2 tickets per athlete showcasing in a Show.

E.g.  1 athlete in a show = max of 2 tickets. 2 athletes in a show = Max of 4 tickets.

Twisted Ball Tickets

Awards Night

Friday 8th July

You can order your Ball tickets (Awards Night Tickets) below. They are available from Wednesday 1st June.

For the ball you need to purchase a ticket for the athlete and for a parent/guardian coming with them. 

There are two types of tickets, one for Under 18's, one for adults. 


Athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible parent/guardian. If you are unable to come with your athlete, you must confirm with another parent on their team/that they are friends with that they will act as their responsible adult during the Ball. Please only book a ticket once you have confirmed this and can confirm the name of the parent.