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If you are a business and want to enquire about renting our gym space, please contact us via our email,

We will reply to you via email and will only contact you via your phone number if we need to confirm email address.


To contact us directly, please use on the options below:
Telephone/WhatsApp - 07949 491130
Email -


If you are enquiring about joining our classes, please make sure you have visited the below link to view information about our classes. 



All Classes and Teams train at our Gym

Twisted Cheer & Dance Gym

Unit 4, 28 Rucklers Lane

Kings Langley



How to find us 

The Gym is easy to find, if turning into Rucklers Lane, from the crossroads on Hempstead Road, you drive a small distance up the road, until you come to Pillings Vehicle repair and a building with a LandRover above it. There is a single lane road between two building which you drive up to reach the Unit.

The Gym is on the right hand side, but you must drive up the hill and into the car park at the back of the Unit. It is sign posted HCC car park, but you can park in and drop off in this car park.

Please make sure you do not stop in front of the Unit or you could block traffic. At certain points the car park could be busy, so please be thoughtful of other users when parking and dropping off. Please also take care and drive slowly when going up and down the lane. 

Customers use the driveway to and from the car park and the car park itself at their own risk. Twisted Cheer and Dance is not responsible for cars and belongings left in the car park, or cars as they drive to and from the car park.

The car park is also a bit muddy and we would alway advise athletes to bring cheer shoes or trainers to get changed into, once they are in the gym. This is to maintain the mats for all that us them. 

You enter the building by the white doors at the top of the hill. Coaches will be there to welcome you to the gym.


Parents are reminded that they are not allowed downstairs and into the gym itself unless invited by a coach (please note if it is your first session, you are invited to stay in the gym for the first session to reassure your child, if you wish, but after this session, we ask that you do not stay in the room).


There is a waiting area upstairs, with tables and chairs, where you can wait if need be.

Please see a link to our Google maps location below