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What do we offer?

We offer a wide variety of classes and competitive teams

for ages 4+. This includes:

  • Recreational Cheerleading

  • Tumble Classes.

  • Competitive Cheerleading Teams

  • Competitive Contemporary Dance Teams

  • Holiday Camps

  • Parties

  • Open Gyms

What is Cheerleading?

Allstar Cheerleading is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports, and has just been granted full Olympic Status. It is a team sport and each routine involves Tumbling, Stunting (lifting), Jumps and Dance, all packed into a two and a half minute routine, which culminates into a very fast paced and exciting sport. It is a great sport where everyone can contribute something to the team's routine. 

Where we are:

We are based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. Just a short drive from Junction 8 of the M1 and Junction 20 of the M25.

Our Gym

The gym boasts a 9 panel sprung floor and state of the art tumble equipment. Go to the About Us tab for full gym details.


What could you get out of joining Twisted Cheer & Dance?

If you are new to Twisted, we are more than just Cheerleading and Dance, the camaraderie and friendships are for life. Benefits to the athletes include developing key skills in motivation, self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, pride and develop overall fitness, flexibility and skills within the sport.

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Welcome to Twisted Cheer & Dance

We currently have over 300 members aged 4 - 30 across our 10 Recreational classes and 20 competitive cheerleading teams.

Our classes and teams are divided into the below three programmes. These are mainly based on commitment, experience and skill level. 

Please click the button at the bottom of each programmes explanation to find out more!

How to join us!

Our 3 Programmes explained

More infomation

Spaces for new members to join in September!

Recreational Classes are the best start for those wanting to get involved with cheerleading who haven't tried it before!

Our recreational classes fall into two categories:



Recreational Cheerleading School Yrs Rec to Yr 11


TUMBLING (Similar to floor gymnastics skills)

Tumble Classes  - Ages 7+

Tumble Time - Ages 4-12 

Click the button below to be taken to further information about our Recreational Programme & book a free taster session!

Team placements are in early July 2023!

Click below to find out how to sign up for team placements!

This is our first step into a competitive cheerleading team. These are our lower commitment teams with one competition left this season in May, and a showcase in June. 

They train for 1 to 1 and a quarter hours on a weeknight.

For athletes going into school years reception to Year 13 in September 2023

There are no skill requirements for these teams.

Click below to find out more!

Team placements are in early July 2023!

Click below to find out how to sign up for team placements!

Our National competitive Cheerleading and Dance teams are for athletes with some experience they can bring to our teams.


This can be an athlete that has developed skills on our Recreational classes or Local teams and are ready to move to our


National teams, or ex-gymnasts/athletes with previous cheerleading experience. 


For athletes going into school Years 3 to 13 in September 2023 and teams for adult cheerleaders continuing their cheerleading journey!

Click below to find out more!



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